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We are going to review FollicleRx, a product that promotes healthy hair follicles, but first we must discuss about hair loss and hair itself. Hair is a significant part of an individual’s personality. Men and women are both quite conscious about having healthy hair. Good hair follicles depends on multiple factors. They take energy from the intake of healthy food, grooming like washing and combing, and scalp condition. There are certain nutrients that are directly responsible for the health of our hair. Lack of these nutrients in the body can lead to hair problems and follicle deterioration. The hair may become thinner, lose natural color, or start to fall. That is where FollicleRx is trying to fill in the gap.

While hair problems are common in women, men are also prone to having them. For example, many men start experiencing hair issues prematurely. Problems such as a receding hairline can start quite early in some men.

Hair Loss in Men

Male hair loss can be quite stressful. It is always better to know the cause of it so as to relieve undue stress and adopt the right solutions. While men can lose hair due to seasonal changes, exposure to certain environments, age, or lack of sufficient nutrition, there is another reason for it as well.

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Some men can have areas on the scalp that become sensitive to androgens, which are the male hormones. These hormones circulate in the blood. They cause the follicles, which are the points on the scalp from where the hair grows, to shrink. With time, the hair follicles can become so small that they are unable to replace the lost hair. The follicle will remain alive but just not active, unable to perform their function of hair growth.

This condition in men can start from the age between 20 and 30 years. The hair loss will happen in a pattern. The hair loss typically starts with a receding hairline. This is followed by thinning of hair on the top of the head. Over time, the two balding areas will meet and a u-shaped area is formed around the sides and back of the head.

The remaining hair follicles will become finer and will lose their ability to grow as quickly as before. Such male hair loss is also genetic. It will be passed from generation to generation but the condition can be improved or slowed down with medical help or with supplements like FollicleRx.

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Common Medical Treatments for Hair Loss

Some people are able to accept their hair loss condition. They will either adjust their lifestyle around it or go for a completely shaven head. Others are more likely to seek medical solutions. Following are two common medical treatments available:

Minoxidil Lotion

This lotion is applied to the scalp twice daily. The lotion is not available on an NHS prescription. However, it can be purchased over the counter. It has produced varying degrees of positive results for 60% of men. Although the effects will wear off soon after stopping the use, as you stop feeding the follicles.


Finasteride (Propecia) is a tablet that can partially stop the effects of male hormones. For this reason, it is often called an anti-androgen. The positive effects of Propecia are evident in 80% males after the medication has been in use for 3 to 6 months. It not only slows down the hair loss but promotes the growth of new hair as well. Just like the Minoxidil lotion, the effects will stop as soon as it is stopped being used. It is only purchasable through prescription and is available through a few NHS primary care trust lists for certain conditions.

It is important to mention that both have side effects. It is highly suggested not to use them without the guidance of a health professional. Other treatments may include cosmetic options. For example, hair transplant.

Some men can begin to lose hair from quite an early age. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to notice it until 50% of their hair is gone. Given how many men have this issue of hair loss and how this problem is starting to show even in one’s early 20s, and that there could be genetic reasons, it is always suggested for men to monitor the condition of their hair.

If you suspect your hair has begun to thin, it is time to determine the reason behind it. If you think you are suffering from genetic hair loss and want to control it before it gets worse, you may want to try Follicle RX.

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How is FollicleRX Manufactured?

FollicleRX is a combination of inteligent ingredients. Combined scientifically, these ingredients may have formed a powerful solution for combating hair loss in men. The Folicle Rx capsules are manufactured using biotin, B5 or pantothenic acid, horsetail, and PABA or para-aminobenzoic acid. The composition of FollicleRx also contains natural oils, proteins, and sea-life polysaccharides.

The active ingredients of FollicleRx work directly on the scalp to repair the follicles. Once the hair follicle is repaired, the healthy growth of hair can be promoted more effectively.

How does Follicle RX Work?

Before explaining the way FollicleRX works, it is important to mention that no treatment is going to work overnight. Like all other hair loss treatments, you require a bit of patience before the positive results can start to show. Moreover, it is quite similar to the fact that hair loss is gradual as well. With FollicleRX, you may have to wait 4 months at the minimum for hair regrowth to occur, results differing from person to person.

Why Should You Treat Hair Loss?

While it totally your choice what you want to do when you identify a hair loss problem, a good treatment can offer varying benefits. It is totally acceptable if you want to accept the condition. On the other hand, people often seek hair loss treatments to restore their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Good hair can add value to your life. You will feel more settled into your personality; more confident to go about your daily life. It will boost your motivation to achieve the goals and objectives you have set for life. Often, people can become quite dejected at losing hair. This hinders their progress in their daily lives. For such people, hair loss supplements like Follicle RX are quite beneficial. It may as well be life changing if it works, regarding the fact that results do vary from person to person.

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Using Medicines Responsibly

It is always highly suggested to consult your health professional before you start a new medicine, because you could be alergic to one of FollicleRx ingredients. Be careful about your existing health conditions and confirm with your doctor if the new medicine will in any way badly affect your health or combine wrongly with any existing medical treatment you are currently taking.

It is also important to determine the correct cause of hair loss. Don’t jump to taking risky medication if your issue can be resolved through diet or similar changes. It is very much possible that your hair reacting to the unhealthy intake of food, poor quality of water for washing, any cosmetic you may have recently used, or exposure to poor environments. If this is the case, then you might have to make a few changes to improve your life besides taking supplements like FollicleRx, otherwise the results might not even show.

Follicle RX is available for online purchase through conveniently affordable packages seen on our prices page here. Before deciding on using the Follicle Rx capsules, please learn about the ingredients and discuss with your health professional if FollicleRx is safe to use with your preexisting treatment, if you have one.

FollicleRX Hair Loss Treatment

FollicleRX capsules are based on a formula that may help combat hair loss in men. It is responsible for four main functions as follows:
Repairing damaged hair

Repairing damaged hair

Slow down hair loss

Slow down hair loss

Promote hair thickness and strength

Promote hair thickness and strength

Promote growth of new hair

Promote growth of new hair



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